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CEO & President

Hiroyuki Shimizu


November 2005




PVD Hard Coatings


9304 Yeager Lane, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46809 USA


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Japan Head Quater

Head Quater

Shimizu Densetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.

CEO & President

Hiroyuki Shimizu


Yasumasa Kinoshita
Mamoru Goto


in 1949


Japanese Yen 63,000,000.00


Heat Treatment Equipment (Atmosphere or Vacuum),
CVD Hard Coatings, PVD Hard Coatings


Head Office Plant

1-12-6 Kuise Minami Shinmachi,
Amagasaki City, Hyogo 660-0822, Japan

General affairs

Tel: +81-6-6488-1501 / Fax:+81-6-6488-2476


Tel: +81-6-6488-1505 / Fax:+81-6-6488-5777

Kyoto Plant

68 Ichida Shintamaki, Kumiyama-cho, Kuse-gun,
Kyoto 613-0022, Japan


Tel: +81-774-43-4290 / Fax: +81-774-44-6607

Thin-film Device Division

Tel: +81-774-41-2421 / Fax: +81-774-44-3705

Komaki Plant

2-38 Ichinokuta, Komaki-shi,
Aichi 485-0034, Japan
Tel: +81-568-75-3001 / Fax: +81-568-75-3205

Sendai Plant

236-5 Aza-Kayakariba, Ohira, Ohira-mura,
Miyagi 981-3602, Japan
Tel: +81-22-344-1077 / Fax: +81-22-344-1088

Kyushu Plant

c/o Kagawa Netsushori Ltd. 1531-1 Komono, Koga-shi,
Fukuoka 811-3122, Japan
Tel: +81-92-410-8277 / Fax: +81-92-410-8267


  • Member of the Amagasaki Chamber of Commerce & Association.
  • Member of the Japanese Industrial Furnace Society.
  • Member of West Japan Heat Treatment Industries Coperative Union.


1949 Haruyoshi Shimizu establishes Shimizu Densetsu Kogyo.
1953 It renews to incorporated, and rename to Shimizu Densetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1953 Duralumin Heat-treatment Process has been receives Japan Self Defence Furnace.
The mesh belt type continuous heat-treatment equipments developed.
1975 Vacuum furnace system is developed.
1981 United States Scientific Coating Inc., and Shimizu Densetsu reached technological
accord for CVD coating process.
1982 CVD coating equipment has been installed and start commercial services to public.
1984 Plazma Assisted Low temperature CVD device is jointly developed with Kobe Steel, Ltd,.
1987 Sales agency for Asia teritory contract conclusion of vacuum furnace with VFS Cos.
1988 Invention award winning of ¨Vacuum Heat-Treatment furnace¨
from Japan Institute of Invention.
1993 JSK Hi-Tech Inc is established in United States Dallas.
1995 New factory established at Komaki.
1999 The award of the Hanshin leading company is received.
2000 Shimizu Densetsu registers ISO9001.
2002 Development of DLC (diamond like carbon) device.
2005 SEAVAC(USA), L.L.C. is set up in Fort Wayne, Indiana (USA).
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