Physical Vapor Deposition.

Technology relies on the creating metal vapors from arch targets under high vacuum conditions in a coating chamber. PVD coatings are thin film, typically only a few microns thick that are deposited on tools and machine elements. PVD coatings have been used in a variety of industries.

There are various advantages to the process:

  • Coating reduce cycle times. It enables the production of more components in less time.
  • PVD coatings reduce downtime caused by excessive wear. PVD coating reduces the need for excessive cutting fluid.
  • The low and moderate temperature help substrates to maintain geometry and tolerances.

Process Temperature

The typical process temperature for PVD coating is about 932°F (500℃).

Coated Items

There is a large selection of coatings available in the market today and there have been technological break-throughs that have been made in materials that can be coated. Typically, PVD coating have been applied to carbide and steels, which include cutting and forming tools, medical devices, molds, punches and dies.


Currently SEAVAC(USA) is offering seven types of coatings in the US. The coatings can be applied as mono-layer, multi-layer or graded layers as per application.

The coating thickness that are currently being offered range 3±1μm and in the case of Special coating between 4 to 8 μm.

lineup TiN


lineup S-PVD


lineup TiAlN


lineup S-TiAlN


lineup TH


lineup S-TH


lineup ZERO-I


Why people choose SEAVAC(USA) Coating ?

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Why people choose SEAVAC(USA) Coating ?

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Why people choose SEAVAC(USA) Coating ?

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Why people choose SEAVAC(USA) Coating ?

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Why people choose SEAVAC(USA) Coating ?

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