lineup TH


Applied on machining tools.

TH coating has the highest oxidation resistance than any of the coatings that SEAVAC (USA) offers i.e 2,012°F / 1,100℃. The friction coefficient is 0.8 with a hardness of Hv 3,600. However, the thickness remains the same as the other coatings SEAVAC(USA) offers i.e. 2 to 4 microns. The color of this coating is brass yellow.

TH coating is used is similar to TiAlN however, TH coating is used for high stress applications. It works extremely well in dry machining applications however can be used in wet applications as well for cutting tools.


In a test application where TH was run against TiAlN, while cutting D2 like substrate TH coating ran twice as long than TiAlN. There are a few more tests are being conducted and we will provide information as it becomes available.

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Why people choose SEAVAC(USA) Coating ?

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Why people choose SEAVAC(USA) Coating ?

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Why people choose SEAVAC(USA) Coating ?

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